Disclaimer: The testimonials listed below are not meant to imply that you will have the exact same experience working with Sarah. These are the personal feelings of each woman and were written of their free will.

Raven KauffmanI had the great pleasure, and the great fortune, to work hanger-image.jpgwith Sarah Shaw. I hired her as my consultant in starting a couture handbag collection. I know of Sarah's reputation, not only her creative talents, but as a whip small, brilliant and unique-entrepreneur. I came to her with just the seed of an idea, a pile of sketches, and a bundle of nerves. I left with a clear purpose and a blueprint for success.

She was instrumental in giving me not only the knowledge, but the courage to lay the groundwork for my new company. She illuminated the pathway and took much of the fear out of beginning the new endeavor. She was open and generous with her knowledge and expertise, as well as her extensive contacts in the industry. She was honest and frank, sharing her experiences, both positive and negative, in an effort to provide the full picture of what it means to own your own creative business. She was always available for me, even for the silliest of questions that seemed monumental to me. She gave me the tools to approach my project in a positive, organized and business minded fashion and not loose sight of the creative energy and purpose of the endeavor as well. I am honored and proud to have had the opportunity to work with Sarah. She is an inspiration not only as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, but as a human being as well.

Raven Kauffman

Angela KimIn just one hour on the phone, Sarah gave me clarity in my pricing and bottom line. She gave such great advice and helped me to understand how to price our products competitively. Her instructions are easy to follow and very clear. Our new product launch went off without a hitch. Thank you Sarah!

Angela Jia Kim
CEO + Fonder, Om Aroma & Co.
Co-Founder, Savor the Success


Email Coaching Rocks!

I just got done telling my husband how... "you saved me from making 2 huge mistakes today. Even after a couple days I am blown away by the insight, support and knowledge that you have shared with me. Before I signed up for your email coaching I felt like I was running around blind, just winging it, hoping that somehow it would all work out. Now that we have started to work together I have a great sense of hope. I know that there is a concrete, real path to take me where I need to go, and you have walked it... (a couple times) an you are willing to share it with me, Wow! I now know I have a lot of work to do, but they are the right things to do to succeed. Now my efforts won't be wasted, or my money, on things I only hoped would work.

Thank you Sara!


Gabrielle DeSantis-CummingsWorking with Sarah allowed us to understand first hand how retail operates and how it translates in to operations and procedures running our small business. Sarah was a key factor in allowing us to see retail b2b from the inside.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your experience with us.

Gabrielle DeSantis-Cummings
Gigi Gill, Gigihillbags.com
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