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Entrepreneur, Designer and CEO of Entreprenette

“A successful business starts with an idea, and the ability to execute the essence of that idea,” says third-generation entrepreneur Sarah Shaw. The celebrity designer and Entreprenette CEO is an experienced business owner who has created and nurtured many businesses. Sarah understands not only the complexity of a start-up, but also the thrill of it: “I love coaching people and teaching the steps to take, in the right order, so they can save time and money and shorten their learning curve, which means they can stay focused on the creativity and fun of being an entreprenette,” says Sarah.

Translating ideas into action is Sarah’s strength, and she lends her wisdom willingly through her company Entreprenette, in which she coaches female entrepreneurs through the process of taking their fashion, home, lifestyle or accessory product ideas from concept to reality. Sarah provides private one-on-one coaching packages that give entrepreneurs the overall know-how to create and launch a product as well as the strategies she used to grow her own million-dollar company. One of her special areas of coaching is teaching clients how to get their products into the hands of celebrities and then leveraging their celebrity clientele for press and sales. (Fans of Sarah’s products include Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Debra Messing, Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes and Academy Award-winners Gwyneth Paltrow and Marcia Gay Harden.) Additionally, Sarah provides her clients with advice, systems and concrete information as well as creative input and even strategies for efficient time management, which is a must for her busy clientele, many of whom are mothers like she.

A natural leader, Sarah was the head of the Hollywood group for the women entrepreneurs group Savor the Success and she was also an incubator leader for Ladies Who Launch. Even people on the other side of the country recognize her vision: she was recently voted Entrepreneur of the Week by, the web site of a conglomerate of large newspapers in New Jersey. Sarah has been a guest speaker at numerous events geared toward entrepreneurs and business owners.

Sarah’s visual sense and creative talents showed themselves early: she studied costume design at Bennington College and the University of California, Berkeley and then moved to Los Angeles, where she worked as a costume supervisor for film and TV. In 1998, she developed a very successful line of handbags that were embraced by celebrities and sold in over 1200 boutiques and major department stores throughout the US. Within a year Sarah Shaw Handbags could be found on the pages of InStyle, Oprah, People, Lucky and Marie Claire magazines.

When Sarah realized that her flare for design and conceptualization translated easily into ideas for home and lifestyle products, she created her patented Handy Hold All® and launched Simply Sarah, an e-commerce website that is committed to providing beautiful and practical products for the home.

The innovative designer and entrepreneur was also behind the successful, made-to-order costume company, Raggs to Order, which they manufactured costumes for Matrix 2, Matrix 3, Ocean’s 11 and Star Trek 8, among many others. Sarah still owns and operates Rack and Roll Rentals Inc., a wardrobe trailer rental company. Her experience in production and entertainment has lent itself to unique approaches to packaging, marketing, distribution and public relations. Her clients at Entreprenette benefit from her breadth and depth of knowledge and the passion she brings to her work.

Sarah currently resides in Colorado. When she isn’t designing or helping to guide new businesses, she enjoys entertaining, gardening, and doing crafts with her six-year-old twin daughters in the hopes that they will come up with her next great invention.

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Sarah on Extra

Topics Sarah Shaw can discuss:

  • How to research your target market to ensure that there’s a market for their product and hone in on their needs.
  • How to get your products in the hands of celebrities.
  • How to leverage celebrity clientele into PR and sales.
  • The pros and cons of manufacturing in the U.S. versus overseas.
  • Most costly mistakes people make when launching a product and how to avoid them.
  • Secrets to finding the right independent sales reps and multi-line showrooms.
  • The pros and cons of boutiques versus department stores.
  • To patent or not to patent: why and when you need to patent your product.
  • Free ways to market your product online and the benefits of reaching people them through social media.
  • PR basics for product inventors and designers.
  • How to create your own product prototype at home.
  • Managing “it all” when you’re a busy mom and an entrepreneur: why micro-managing your time pays off and keeps you sane.
  • How to determine whether a trade show is the right next step and how to prepare yourself for a successful show.
  • The pros and cons of placing your product on home shopping networks.
  • How do you know if you’re ready to be an Entreprenette®.
  • How trunk shows can help you get into major department stores.
  • The how-to’s of creating a handbag line.
  • How product costing and market research can make or break your business.

Clients Testimonials


"I knew of Sarah’s reputation, not only her creative talents, but as a whip smart, brilliant and unique entrepreneur. I came to her with just the seed of an idea, a pile of sketches, and a bundle of nerves. I left with a clear purpose and a blueprint for success."

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